Hugh Jackman's final outing as the Wolverine is by far his best, certainly out of the stand alone Wolverine films, and will hit more emotional notes than you'd expect. This review is entirely spoiler free so read to your heart's content. If you want to go in blind and are interested in just an overall Yay or Nay then YES. GO. IT IS A GOOD MOVIE. I will be releasing a spoiler-full movie review in the coming days but for now let's just go over what the film gets right without giving away anything that the trailers haven't already showcased.

Old Man Logan- It seems strange to say that this film is based off of the Old Man Logan comic since really there are very VERY few story beats from the comic that are used here. That isn't to say that what they did take wasn't treated very well and will even hold some surprises for fans of the comic. It doesn't matter what you've read, this film stands well on its own merits and is its own story in line with the characters of the films rather than shoe-horned plot points from another medium.

X-23- One of my favourite comic book characters, Laura may not have the same measure of depth she had within the pages of Marvel but my god she is a pleasure to watch. In the same way that Jackman's Wolverine is similar but different to what fans knew from the X-Men you'll find the same is true of Laura. She is similar, but different, but still oodles of fun. Her rage filled screams are just perfect for the character.

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Xavier- R rated Sir Patrick Stewart is something we all need more in our lives. I say this because while it's fun watching him cuss it also lets him occupy the screen in a film that isn't about a positive message but is done as a character piece. Seeing a visibly old and exhausted Xavier is a sobering reminder of just how long ago the first X-Men film was released. Sir Patrick's full gravitas is on display and while the film has some laughs through him, the weight of his talent being put into showcasing a broken man will move you.

Logan-  This film is the promise of the character realized in a way that no other film so far has captured. It draws from his experiences with the X-Men and his solo adventures and presents us with a man who knows himself and his past but was never able to find peace with either. Jackman is in top form as an older Wolverine who is sure of himself, and crippled because of it. The R rating suits him and his interplay with Laura and Xavier is brilliant.

It is a somewhat sad truth that the stand alone Wolverine film we always wanted, we only got in the end but by god it's glorious. Nuanced, emotional and with plenty of call backs and little rewards for long time viewers. It really feels like we are missing some adventures from the end of The Wolverine but by minute 3 of Logan you simply do not care. In short, this is the farewell the character deserves and is a must watch.



Release Date: Mar 03, 2017

Genre: Action, Science Fiction

starring: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook

Synopsis: In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hideout on the Mexican border.

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