If I were to see this title in a movie store, my first thought would be that it’s a zombie flick.  Would you make that same assessment?  Good...then I’m not the only one.  Interestingly enough though, we would both be wrong.  At first glance (inside the movie), BIO-DEAD is more of a ghost story than anything...sort of.  But as the film progresses, we discover there’s more going on that is initially assumed. 


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If you are not familiar with BIO-DEAD, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of the official website:

Welcome to “the zone”.  A 4,061 square mile contaminated wasteland.  Tomb for twelve million infected corpses.  And home to an evil the likes of which mankind has never encountered.  While searching for disaster survivors, a haz-mat team discovers a mysterious building located deep within “the zone”.  At first the enormous structure appears to be uninhabited...but soon the rescue workers realize that they are not alone.  As the team members begin to experience terrifying hallucinations, a vicious predator stalks the men through the maze-like halls.  Trapped inside the compound with no escape, the team is forced to fight for their lives against a ghoulish attacker...and each other.

I enjoyed BIO-DEAD, but I do have to admit:  I still can’t make up my mind as to whether it’s well written or simply incomplete.  This is a cryptic comment, I know...but I don’t want to divulge anything else about this, so as to not give key points about the plot away.  But let’s just say that you and I might have to discuss the ending.


Nonetheless, this film is wildly entertaining and provides some nice jumps and scares as it takes you on a weird ride.  It is shot well and the acting is top-notch, which are two major plus-points when dealing with lower-budget pictures.  The writing is good but as mentioned above, there might be some issues with the plot...I’m going to simply state that the quality will be in the eye of the beholder in regard to that one.


BIO-DEAD has some great special effects as well, with a nice bit of gore thrown in for good measure.  There’s a particularly gruesome torture scene that involves the disembowelment of a man and it is very well done, I must say.  I actually cringed at one point...and you’re talking about a guy that has seen gore on a regular basis for over 25 years!


[WARNING:  SPOILER ALERT!!]  I guess I need to go ahead and mention this anyway, even though I said I wouldn’t.  The plot has some possible issues with it.  For example, we are never told what the Ghoul is or why it is there.  Nor do we know what the compound is or why it is not contaminated.  We do not also know for certain what is actually going on with the “possessed” team members, nor do we know why they are torturing their pals.  And finally, when we hear the comments from Dispatch at the very end of the film, we are left with even more unanswered questions to contemplate.  [END OF SPOILER ALERT]


But even with those questions aside, BIO-DEAD is a fun romp into sci-fi horror, and I enjoyed it immensely.  I recommend checking this out for sure, if you have not already.  It is a couple of years old, but definitely worth the look.



Release Date: Dec 31, 1969




Written by
Matthew Baker

Matthew Baker is a horror and science-fiction buff who reviews movies and books on his website, Shattered Ravings (www.matthewscottbaker.com/blog). He lives in Northwest Arkansas, an area that is (in his opinion) the best place to be during the zombie apocalypse, should it occur. He is a trophy-husband and a stay-at-home dad. In his spare time, Matthew writes fiction and makes short films.

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